How do I inform BYU-I that I’m leaving/returning from a mission?

If you are currently serving or will be serving a mission in the near future, please visit the Admissions web page for the necessary steps to defer your enrollment before your leave, or to re-enroll once you return home.

It is important to know that deferring your enrollment with BYU-Idaho does not defer any student loans you may have received prior to serving your mission. To avoid defaulting on your loans, contact your loan servicer as soon as possible prior to leaving, and ask about income based repayment and other options for while you are away.

Will a mission affect my scholarships or eligibility to receive them?

Students awarded a BYU-Idaho scholarship prior to their mission that was not used, can have their award deferred and re-awarded once they return as long as their enrollment was deferred through the Admissions office.

Students who return from a mission after the February 1st BYU-I Scholarship Application deadline are still able to apply and receive consideration for that academic year. If the scholarship application link is not already listed on your student portal, email our financial aid counselors at financialaid@byui.edu and they will re-open the application for you.

Parents, please do not complete the scholarship application for your missionary. Doing so may cause consideration delays or scholarships to be awarded incorrectly. Your missionary will receive the same consideration after they come home as if they’d met the original scholarship application deadline.

Should a missionary complete the financial aid process while still serving?

If you, with the permission of your mission president, can easily complete the FAFSA and/or BYU-I Scholarship application within the allowed time on a P-Day, you are welcome to do so. It has been our experience however, that you will not have access to the necessary information needed for many of the questions asked on these applications. We recommend that you focus on your mission and leave the financial aid matters for when your return home.